Artist's tools to serve and inspire.

As an artist, materials are what allow you to bring your vision to life; the medium acts as a language for your art. Your ideas deserve to be communicated with care and elegance. Here at Hushwing watercolors, we strive to offer you a tool which will breathe life into your unique concepts. Our handcrafted watercolor paints are made with the same precision and artistry you put into your work. 

Limited Edition Holiday Collection

It's finally here! Shop our holiday collection of artist's supplies including sketchbooks, brush rolls and more!

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Why Hushwing

Hushwing offers a distinctive approach to the production of watercolor paint by focusing on quality materials and the heritage of the craft. 

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Our Products

Hushwing watercolors are made by hand using a simple hand-tailored recipe which yields beautiful results. Learn more about each individual palette and the unique pigments which give them their character.