Artist's tools to serve and inspire.

As an artist, materials are what allow you to bring your vision to life; the medium acts as a language for your art. Your ideas deserve to be communicated with care and elegance. Here at Hushwing watercolors, we strive to offer you a tool which will breathe life into your unique concepts. Our handcrafted watercolor paints are made with the same precision and artistry you put into your work. 

BLOG: Beginning Painting with Pan Watercolors

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Why Hushwing

Hushwing offers a distinctive approach to the production of watercolor paint by focusing on quality materials and the heritage of the craft. 

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Our Products

Hushwing watercolors are made by hand using a simple hand-tailored recipe which yields beautiful results. Learn more about each individual palette and the unique pigments which give them their character.