The Primaries Palette

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The Primaries Palette features three pigments selected for their versatility and exceptional pairing. Hostaperm Red, Permanent Yellow, and Ultramarine Blue offer strong, highly pigmented watercolors with a wide range of mixability.

Hostaperm Red is a semi-opaque, highly staining, intense pigment. It receives an excellent lightfastness rating and is favored as a middle red for artists. Hostaperm Red takes on a blue undertone, making it an appropriate pair with Ultramarine Blue. It is also a superb mixing partner for synthetic organic yellows, which explains the pairing here with Permanent Yellow.

Permanent Yellow is a unique, organic yellow and a part of a group of pigments known as the benzimidazolones. Developed and patented by Hoescht in 1960, these pigments were first used for watercolors in the late 1970s. While expensive, the “azo” pigments are also among the most durable pigments used in artist’s paints. Permanent Yellow is chosen as a part of this collection due to its many exceptional qualities. It is nontoxic, semitransparent, non-staining, saturated, extremely lightfast, and has the ability to provide beautifully clear colors. It makes a wonderful primary for artists, as it leans neither towards red or green and has a bright, clear appearance.

Ultramarine Blue is an invaluable red blue which is included in artist’s palettes more often than any other blue. As the modern replacement and color match for the historical and precious lapis lazuli, Ultramarine Blue is a semi-transparent, staining, dark valued, intense pigment. It is preferred for its lightfastness in addition to its attractiveness in washes and color mixtures.

+ Specifications

The Hushwing Collection consists of 3 half-size pans of handmade, professional grade watercolor. All pigments receive a permanent lightfastness rating (8, on a scale of 1 to 8) and are safe for use.

The pigments of the Primaries Palette include:

  • Hostaperm Red
  • Permanent Yellow
  • Ultramarine Blue

Each pan is magnetized and packaged in a metal travel tin. All orders are shipped with a handwritten swatch card, reusable hand dyed silk ribbon, and a small sheet of 100% cotton rag handmade paper to test your watercolors with.

+ Pigment Information

Hostaperm Red

  • Chemical Description: C.I. Pigment Red 254
  • Color Index: PR 254
  • Lightfastness: 8 (1 is poor, 8 is best)

Permanent Yellow

  • Chemical Description: C.I. Pigment Yellow 154
  • Color Index: PY 154.11781
  • Lightfastness: 8 (1 is poor, 8 is best)

Ultramarine Blue

  • Chemical Description: Pigment Blue 29, C.I. Pigment 77007
  • Color Index: PB 29.77007
  • Lightfastness: 8 (1 is poor, 8 is best)

+ Color Swatches & Charts

Mixing and color charts coming soon.

+ The Process

During production, pigment is mulled by hand on a glass slab with a combination of gum arabic, honey, and food grade preservative. Each pigment has it’s own unique recipe that has been tested over time to ensure the perfect balance of pigment to binder. All pans are hand poured and dried in thin layers which minimizes cracking and prevents air bubbles, ensuring the pan is as full as possible. However, some cracking is normal and will appear depending on the climate and the pigment. Cracking in the pan will not affect the use or the ability of the paint to re-wet.