Hardcover Watercolor Sketchbook

$20 - $50 + Shipping

This hardcover watercolor sketchbook is expertly hand-bound and features a unique, one of a kind printed Lokta cover paper. White lace pattern contrasts against a maroon linen signature ladder binding and matching maroon inside cover papers. Created in collaboration with Lake Michigan Book Press as a part of our limited edition holiday collection, you’ll only find this sketchbook here in our shop! 

+ Specifications

  • 64 pages (32 sheets) of 140 lb. Bienfang Coldpress watercolor paper
  • Available in both small (4.5” x 3”), medium (6” x 4.5”) and large (9" x 6") sizes
  • Lays perfectly flat for easy sketching or painting
  • Tightly sewn using a signature ladder binding

Every sketchbook is shipped ready to gift, wrapped in classic kraft paper and tied up with a natural nettle twine and wax seal.

This listing is for the sketchbook only, any additional items pictured are not included.

+ Lokta Paper Information

Lokta is made by rural craftspeople in the highlands of Nepal, and we are thrilled to offer this exceptional paper as a feature of our watercolor sketchbooks. They farm the Daphne bush, which is harvested and stripped of it’s bark to form the raw material used to create the paper sheets. Amazingly, the original plant is not destroyed and will regenerate from the roots! The stick, once it’s bark has been removed, is dried and used to heat the villager’s homes or provide fuel for the paper production. Using reclaimed and reused water, the Daphne bark Is beaten by hand and boiled until it is broken down into a pulp. Next, it is combined with recycled paper scrap and then poured into screens to form sheets. These sheets are then dried in the sun. The entire paper-making process is not only earth-friendly but also provides for a large and thriving community!